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Kwara Pastor Beats Pregnant Wife To Coma Three Months After Wedding

A Kwara pastor beats his pregnant wife to coma three months after their wedding.

The man of God who is the founder of Victor’s Church, Ilorin, Kwara State, Folayemi Richard, has reportedly knocked his pregnant wife, Odunola, to coma after an issue came up between them.

The pastor committed the assault in their home located at Ita Olodan, Upper Gaa-Akanbi in Ilorin town.

In an interview with The Informant, the wife said the incident started in January 2021 when their wedding was three months old and her pregnancy was a month old.

The woman sobbed and revealed that even after she fell, her husband continues to beat her, severed amd tortured her with a cable wire.

She revealed that a neighbour, who is an older woman, came to intercede and help her but was subdued and pushed aside.

Odunola disclosed that she had been undergoing troubles in her marital home since they got married in late September 2020, said the man had once beaten her till she almost became lifeless and unconscious.

In her words;

“Last year, September 26, we got married, and we’ve been living together as husband and wife. When our wedding was one month old, that was when a terrible crisis occurred. We had a disagreement. Suddenly, he ordered me to stand up and that he would take me to a hospital, where he would dump me.

“He started insulting my parents; I cautioned him. He slapped me and began to beat me. He got a cable wire which we use for speakers in the church and beat me.

“I started shouting for help. I became so weak. I dashed out of the house; he followed me and started dragging me on the ground, saying he did not want the marriage again.

“At this time, people had already gathered and were begging him. He locked me out and went to my parents. When he came back again, he ordered me to leave his home,” she explained.

An eyewitnesses, Victoria Oluwaseun, verified the ill actions of the pastor; said that he dragged his wife out and beats her regardless that she is pregnant.

Although the pastor’s mobile lines could not be reached as they were switched off but Odunola has protested to the National Human Right Commission to seek justice over the matter.

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