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Lady recounts how her fiancé ghosted her few weeks to their wedding, after flying her to Dubai to propose (video)

After a big proposal, an American woman took to social media to recount how her fiancé ghosted her just weeks before their wedding.

The lady stated in a video she posted on social media that he proposed to her in a romantic gesture in Dubai. He flew her to Dubai to propose to her, she confessed.

However, he fell silent a few weeks before their wedding.

According to her, she has yet to receive closure or an explanation for the occurrence, which has left her distraught and perplexed, and his family members are hiding him as well.

She described how she dealt with her heartbreak by channeling her energies into her career.

Watch her speak in the video below.

Meanwhile, a young man stunned his fiancée with a brand new car just weeks after she turned down his wedding proposal.

According to the man known on TikTok as @Turkcooper, he told her he had a modest gift for her but didn’t tell her what it was, and when he took custody of the automobile weeks after she turned down his marriage proposal, he still delivered it to her.

The man shared his touching story on the video-sharing platform TikTok, where he posted a video of him presenting the automobile to her.

The woman in the video, who had previously turned down the man’s proposal, was overjoyed to get the car gift and jumped in for a test drive right away.

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