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Leaked Tape: ‘Some People Will Be Happy When I Am Dead’ – Tiwa Savage Shares Scary Post


Tiwa Savage, a prominent Nigerian singer, looks to be going through a difficult and dismal period, as her latest social media post has had a lot of her admirers talking.

She mentioned in a recent post about the artist’s narrative that she knows some people would be happy to learn that she is dead. Many individuals have expressed worry in response to Tiwa’s post. Some believe she is depressed, while others believe she is just responding to all of her difficulties.

“I was sad at the passing of my dad and 44 but at least they are no longer in this cruel place. Some people will be happy when I am no more,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

After her sxx clip was posted on Snapchat, Tiwa Savage has been trending on social media for a few days. The video was then published on Twitter, where it quickly became viral. Many people chastised Tiwa for filming herself while in bed with her lover, while others praised her.

Tiwa Savage lost her endorsements from four brands within days after her sex recordings were leaked: Glo, Pampers, Cardburry, and another product. Tiwa Savage looks to be struggling as she scribbles ominous notes.


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