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Leaked Video Of Couple Caught Having S3xual Romp In The Public Has Been Released (See Video)

THIS is the stunning moment a rambunctious young couple bonks on a seat in front of a prominent Brazilian beach in full daylight.

The viral video was shot during a public romp in Santos, Brazil’s seaside city.

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In the shocking video, a lady performs a s3x act on a man in broad daylight.|Credit: Newsflash
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And a second show her having fully removed her underwear |Credit: Newsflash

In the video, the woman’s body was revealing from the waist down close gumming to the man.

On the public bench near the shore, she is spotted straddling the man.

They also enjoy passionate kisses in front of a stunned audience.

A second video reveals how the duo were heating up before she eventually removes her clothes.

Were They Aware They Are Being Watched?

The couple appeared to be aware that they were being watched and filmed in both films, yet they proceeded on nonetheless.

People in Brazil can be prosecuted for this, and if the court deems them guilty, they face a sentence of three months to a year in prison, as well as a fine.

Action Taken By The Police Regarding The Weird Incident

The City of Santos claimed in a statement that no witnesses had phoned the police at the time and that no complaint had been filed.

It’s unclear whether they plan to look into the viral video in order to find the naughty culprits.

Any Related Cases Recently?

In an equally daring behaviour, a man flashed a thumbs up while being filmed having sex in broad daylight on a public path.

The two were seen bonking on a walkway in Galashiels, Scotland’s border town.

Despite the fact that they’d been caught in the act, the shady couple continued on their way.

Two rowdy passengers revel at the back of a public bus in other shocking footage.

The heinous video, which was captured by a horrified bystander, shows a woman bouncing up and down on her seated companion.

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