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Liquorlions welcome BBNaija star Liquorose N1m and other gifts (Photos/video)


Liquorose’s fans had greeted her return from South Africa with cash gifts and other gifts.
The BBN star, who was recently spent most of her moment in South Africa on business-related activities and has lately returned to Nigeria, was greeted warmly.

Her adoring followers, known as the ‘Liquorlions,’ presented her with a one-million-naira check, as well as jewellery and other gifts while she returned from the journey.

However, the ‘Liquorlions’ movement to their favorite has sparked a flurry of social media reactions, propelling her to the top of the Twitter trending list. Below are a few examples of responses.

@sohigh_xy, “Who are these fans biko? Sapa no reach their side? Gas no cost for their area? I’m not understanding”.

@9ine.teen_, “Welcome back for what nau  where do people see all this Monet from sef welcome back from where nau  or she go Mars?”

@dollyfashionpalace, “Welcome back beautiful flower can do the magic! Too much money”.

@__ololade__xx, “All this fans no Dey tire???dey no get parent ”.


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