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List: Countries that will cross over to the New Year first and last

People all over the world are excitedly awaiting the end of what has been a difficult year for many and the beginning of a new year with renewed hope.

The countdown to the new year begins in most parts of the world just before midnight. However, not everyone will be celebrating the New Year at the same time.

Almost every country in the world celebrates New Year every 364/365 days on January 1st, according to the Gregorian calendar.

Because of the different time zones, this is the case. People in some parts of the world will have to wait up to 20 hours after New Year’s Eve before they can start celebrating again.

For example, Kenyans will enter 2022 at exactly 12 a.m. on Friday. In some places of the world, it will be 10 hours into 2022 by the time you are counting down to the clock to welcome the elective year.
However, although you may believe that your celebration has been postponed, someone on Baker Island in the United States will be 12 hours behind before they can say their goodbyes to 2021.

First To Enter 2022

Countries that will cross over to the New Year first and last|Pixabay

Tonga and New Zealand, two lesser-known Pacific islands, will be the first to ring in the new year, at exactly 2 p.m. EAT.

If you’re eating a fish fillet in Nuku, what should you do?

If you’re in alofa, Tonga’s capital and primary port, on the northern shore of Tongatapu Island, or drinking a refreshing drink on Wellington’s waterfront promenade, sandy beaches, you won’t have to worry about being late for work the next day because you’ll be ahead of the rest of the globe.

However, Tonga & New Zealand are already ten hours ahead of the rest of the globe in terms of time zone. Someone in Kisumu will need an umbrella to protect them from the sweltering sun by the time people in Tonga and New Zealand are marvelling at the sky with burning fireworks, while those in Nairobi may still be stuck in the traffic gridlock along Mombasa Road.

Because of the ten-hour time difference between New Zealand and Nairobi, when a clock in Tonga or New Zealand reads 00.00’oclock, it is exactly 2 pm in Nairobi.

As you travel west, Australia and Asian countries will take the lead.

Nairobi, Kenya is eight hours ahead of Australia, while Tokyo, Japan’s capital, is six hours ahead of Australia.

This implies that Australia will ring in the new year at 4 EAT, while Japan will do it at 6 EAT.

London will celebrate at 1 a.m., an hour after Nairobi, which shares the same time zone as Moscow, Russia’s cosmopolitan city.

The main celebration in Russia takes place at Red Square when the Kremlin Clock strikes midnight, followed by the national anthem and a spectacular fireworks display.

Eight hours after Nairobi, New York will ring in the new year. In other words, by the time you’re eating breakfast at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning or rushing to church, New York will be celebrating the Fourth of July.

But, if you think that’s too late, remember that in Honolulu, where Barack Obama spent most of his childhood, the new year will begin at 11 a.m. on Sunday morning.

That isn’t all, though.

Baker Island, a small uninhabited island with a bordering reef and animals such as sea turtles and shorebirds, will be the last site on Earth to enter 2022.

The time difference between Nairobi and Baker Island is 15 hours.

American Samoa, which is 14 hours behind the rest of the world, will be the last territory to celebrate the New Year.

American Samoa is only 558 miles away from Tonga, whose people will have rung in the new year 25 hours earlier.

Inspired by The Standard

New Year’s Eve 2022 celebrations in many nations December 31 (GMT | IST):

Countries that will cross over to the New Year first and last |Pixabay

According to the indiatimes, below is the lists of countries new year’s eve 2022

1. New Zealand: 10:15 am GMT | 3:30 pm IST

2. Australia: 1 pm GMT | 6:30 pm IST

3. Japan, South Korea and North Korea: 3 pm GMT | 8:30 pm IST

4. China, Philippines and Singapore: 4 pm GMT |  9:30 pm IST

5. Bangladesh: 6 pm GMT | 11:30 pm IST

6. Nepal: 6:15 pm GMT | 11:45 pm IST

7. India and Sri Lanka: 6:30 pm GMT | 12:00 am IST

8. Pakistan: 7 pm GMT | 12:30 am IST

9. Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Spain: 11 pm GMT | 4:30 am IST

10. UK, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal: 12 am GMT | 5:30 am IST

January 1 (as per GMT | IST):

1. Brazil (some regions): 2 am GMT | 7:30 am IST

2. Argentina, Brazil (some regions), Chile and Paraguay: 3 am GMT | 8:30 am IST

3. New York, Washington, Detroit: 5 am GMT | 10:30 am IST

4. Chicago: 6 am GMT | 11:30 am IST

5. Colorado and Arizona: 7 am GMT | 12:30 pm IST

6. Nevada: 8 am GMT | 1:30 pm IST

7. Alaska: 9 am GMT | 2:30 pm IST

8. Hawaii: 10 am GMT | 3:30 pm IST

9. American Samoa: 11 am GMT | 4:30 pm IST

10. Howland and Baker Islands: 12 pm GMT | 5:30 pm IST

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