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Loyal dog refuses to abandon owner who ran mad, visits and plays with her daily

A Nigerian guy told a touching story about a woman who became mentally ill and her dog who refused to abandon her.

mentally unstable woman dog3

He claims that the dog visits the same woman on the same street every night to keep her company and play.

The man posted photographs and a video of the mentally ill woman and her dog on Twitter.

He wrote; ”There’s this mentally unstable woman opposite the area where I stay, I noticed that every night a dog use to come play with her & the way they both interact is always a beauty to watch.

mentally unstable woman dog2

I was told she owned the dog before she had her mental issues and it comes visiting her every Night when it’s been released to go and play, funny enough the dog walks from close to a kilometer to come play with her then go back home.

She was abandon by families & friends but her Dog never did😭🥰❤️

I saw her this evening and got this video, please if anyone know how we can help her or an organization that helps people like her please kindly dm, she responds to greetings and talks reasonable sometimes according to people in that street.”

See his post

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