Video: Man and woman glued together during heated sessions of s*xual intercourse

A video has been circulating online where a man & a woman are caught having Illegal sex which turned out to be a tragedy as both of them were glued together & can’t be separated except they get a naive doctor or the husband of the woman who would provide the remedy!

Watch here:

According to Jadesola Goodluck, a news blogger on politics, revealed that… “it may sound nonsensical to some Quarters but it is Real? Magun Thunderbolt still exists…

“The charm called magun is used on married women that love to open their Toto anyhow which makes the suspecting husband go fetish just to disgrace her totally…”

She further listed the various types of Magun! (Thunderbolt)

“There are some once it’s used on the woman without her knowledge the lover will die after having sex with her as he either summersaults three times OR starts drinking excessive water unnecessarily till he dies OR eats food with plenty Salt, he keeps adding salt to whatever he is eating till he dies.”

“But the most potent & powerful one is the padlock! That is the one that makes a man & a woman gum together! It brings disgrace as both will be struggling to get away from each other & if the remedy is not given out! They both die but before then they will vomit out worms & blood,” she said.

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