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Man cries out as MacBook Pro he sent from London turns to doll upon arrival in Nigeria


A Twitter user has resorted to the medium to express his displeasure after sending a MacBook Pro from London to Nigeria, only to discover a doll inside.
According to Victor on the microblogging site, he spent over 700,000 Naira for the laptop and an additional N55,000 to clear the shipment at the Nigerian customs office.


When the gift arrived at the recipient’s house and was opened, instead of a laptop, a doll was found inside.

Victor wrote,

“I sent a MacBook Pro from London, UK to Nigeria and the receiver got a baby doll…. Nigeria custom billed me 55k for clearance. Whooping 55k to clear a doll? Nah! A laptop worth over 700k naira”.


“I am a proud man without side chick but a great supporter and proponent of polygamy” – Human rights activist, Kola Edokpayi

Popular human rights activist and speaker at Edo civil society group, Talakawa’s Parliament, Kola Edkpayi has reiterated his support for polygamy.

Edokpayi, who had earlier said that the only solution to extramarital affairs is polygamy, says he does not have a side chick.

He wrote;

Life without side chick or babe is always good.
I am a proud man without side chick and babe but a great supporter and proponent of polygamy.

In a rejoinder post, he wrote ;

Sir Oba Olateru Olagbegi II , Olowo of Owo left behind more than 140 children before his demise. Virtually, all of them were graduates. We say yes to polygamy.


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