Man Spreads Cancer Awareness, Recounts How He Lost His Mother To Bowel Cancer

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter, to share the story of how he lost his mother to bowel cancer 7 years ago.

Recall that April is bowel cancer awareness month. The young man with the handle @_ezeokolorie has referenced the death of his mother to spread the awareness of cancer.

He said in his post: “so I want to use this platform to spread awareness not only to bowel cancer but all cancers.

“Seeing my mum battle cancer twice before age 12 was tough but it also taught me lessons i’ll forever hold. if you’re reading this and you’re going through something just remember there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.” He said.

Cancer diseases are said to have taken many lives especially when it has gotten to a lethal stage. April was then designated as Cancer Awareness Month, so that many can be aware of better ways to prevent cancer.

The young man has taken to Twitter to wish all those who are suffering from cancer and also to share ways of preventing it while he mourns his mother’s loss.

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