Man who barbed Davido turns into a celebrity, dominates social media in Benue (Video)

After musician Davido submitted his head for a haircut, a popular hairstylist from Benue is overjoyed.
Even while his pals congratulated him, the hairdresser, Simon Yisa, turned to Facebook to celebrate his achievement.

After giving a prominent Nigerian artist, Davido, a haircut, a Nigerian hairstylist can’t contain his delight. Simon Yisa, a professional hairstylist working in Lagos, is from Benue state.

The hairstylist holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Benue State University. Many individuals who saw Simon’s portrait said he is an excellent barber.

In his home state of Benue, he has dominated debates on social media.

Simon has resorted to Facebook to celebrate his achievement, recalling how he was mocked by those who dismissed him as a common barber.

According to the ecstatic man, the “average barber” is suddenly doing big things, which includes presumably barbering Davido’s hair. In his own words:

“I remembered sometimes ago in Dunamis Street just as a street hustler (barber). This regular passerby on the street called me an ordinary barber. I laughed but felt so bad that particular day. To cut the long story short “the ordinary barber” now holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and still doing wonders around the world with his ordinary barbering skills. Funny how people motivate me in weird ways ! Anyways it’s a new year and the year is looking good already. #OBO WAY.” 

Davido has a fantastic head

Many of Davido’s friends, who took to Facebook to express their joy with Simon, seem to agree that Davido’s head is one of the best in Nigeria, and that for a stylist to touch it means a lot. Ben Ten Ufum, one of his buddies, wrote on Facebook:

“So last year my guy Simon Yisa lose his spot at the most celebrated hair clinic in Lagos simply because, he resumed back to complete his degree program in BSU after COVID. My guy went back to the same place and because he is unavoidably good he was accepted back after some really tough times. 

“A few months after the struggle, he kept sharing beautiful stories with me. Everyday, I see him barb one celebrity to another. Today, the OBO me and him spent years loving his music and admiring him from afar sat so relaxed leaving his whole head for him to do as he please.” 

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