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Man who impregnated his Teenage daughter claims she used charms on him


OlaOluwa Jimoh, a father who was jailed in September for allegedly impregnating his own daughter, has revealed the motive for his incestuous conduct.

Detectives from the Ogun State police command detained the 45-year-old for impregnating his 19-year-old daughter.

Despite her father’s threats, the 19-year-old had to go to the police to file a complaint after she became pregnant. She informed the authorities that she had been residing with her mother, who had been separated from her father for a long time until her father urged her to come and reside with him two years ago.

Jimoh stated in an interview with the Nigerian Tribune that his daughter forced him into a dreadful relationship.

In his words ;

“I am a farmer from Ode Remo. The girl is my first child and the only one from her mother. I have children from two other women but my current wife does not have a living child; all the children she has had for me all di*d.

“When my daughter came to live with me, we had fun (s*x). She was the one calling herself my wife. She was even fighting with the last wife over me. She said she was going to be daddy’s wife. I was not the one who deflowered her. She even told me that she delivered a baby for someone but the baby di*d.

“She was left with me and I made her start learning hairdressing. During this period, she was having affairs with different men. She was always telling people that she was her father’s wife. This made people to be asking why she should be claiming to be her father’s wife.

I don’t know why I started sleeping with her. Maybe she used charms on me. We copulated three times. I was not even ejaculating in her. I used to release my s*men in a cloth to prevent pregnancy.”


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