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Meet Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin Who Blessed Repented sex workers with #6M to start a new life


At the Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry in Warri, several sex workers not only accepted Christ and renounced immorality, but they also put an end to their financial distress.

As the senior prophet of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, wealthy Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, brought them to Jesus Christ, the sex workers publicly repented, telling their trauma, including contacts with kidnappers, little did they realise that they would return to their homes as millionaires.

Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin blesses

During the church’s Sunday service yesterday, roughly six sex workers sobbed hysterically when the pastor gave them N6 million.

The story began when one of the sex workers (whose identities have been withheld) came out to talk about her amazing escape from kidnappers who disguised themselves for patronage.

Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin blesses

She ended up in the woods after the man seduced her with a promise of N200, 000, but she was spared thanks to a church band she was wearing on her ankle.

“It was when I got to the bush that I realised what was going on. The man carried a long knife and wanted to cut through my throat but the knife fell of repeatedly. He started calling me a witch and later ran. I managed to find my way to the road before some people helped me,” she said.

Fufeyin had identified additional women who were hooked to cigarettes, alcohol, and adultery, and had delivered them while promising them six million Naira.
While the former sex workers were ecstatic, the prophet referred to them as God’s children, emphasising that ordinary people would not appreciate the ramifications of what the church is doing unless they had a spiritual understanding.

This is not the first time the prophet has made such a gesture. In August, roughly 15 sex workers who had a life-changing experience at the church described horrifying tales as the prophet awarded them N15 million.

Nollywood actor Emeka Ani was also a benefit of the good gesture of the man God as he received a donation of 6 million Naira to help with his medical bills.

During a church session, the church’s founder, Fufeyin, invited persons engaged in sex work (prostitution) to accept Jesus Christ and convert from their ways, according to a video uploaded on the internet and seen by this medium. Around 15 women responded to the ‘alter call,’ and were brought to Christ and given a Bible.


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