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Meet Don Jazzy’s ex-wife, Michelle arrives in Lagos, explained how she narrowly escapes a stray bullet from Police (See Video)

Michelle Jackson, an American model and the ex of Don Jazzy, is right now in Lagos, Nigeria, where she had an awful involvement in the Nigerian police.

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Michelle portrayed the startling experience on Instagram, saying that she and her pal needed to bring down their heads to avoid getting hit by a wanderer slug from a police rifle fired while deferred in rush hour gridlock.

“First night out in Lagos. My bestie and I decided to go chop some food and bar hop last night….. BUT what i experienced on the road shook me….. my friends tell me its the norm….. ehn!!!

“I knew this trip was going to touch me in many ways….. it certainly did.

“Apart from that…. the Nigerian night life is a buzz…. a whole vibe…. i enjoyed myself. I’m just soaking in the life and appreciating everything.”

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