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Meet Man who revealed how he lost his aunt after her phone exploded on her bed (Photos)

An Indian guy recently shared on Twitter how his aunt died as a result of the devastation her phone explosion caused.

On Twitter, a young man going by the handle @Mdtalk16 stated that his aunty had placed her phone right next to her face on her bed before going to sleep.

She was unfortunate since the phone eventually burst. However, the aforementioned man declined to say if his late aunt’s phone was plugged in when it exploded.

He wrote,

Yesterday in Night my Aunty found dead , she was using Redmi 6A, she was sleeping & she kept the phone near her face on pillow side & after sometime her phone blast. It’s a bad time for us. It’s a responsibility of a brand to support

See photos he shared

Aunt phone
Aunt phone
Aunt phone