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Mercy Eke Dragged Mercilessly As She Was Spotted with Billionaire, Jowizaa in Morocco


Nigerians are still dragging Mercy Eke through the dirt for allegedly vacationing with Billionaire Jowizaa.

Cutie Julls, a well-known and controversial blogger, indicated that Mercy Eke is dating Jowizaa by sharing the story’s specifics on Instagram.

She also alleged that the millionaire uploaded a video of Mercy Eke to his Snapchat account, which he later removed.

Mercy Eke Dragged Mercilessly As She Vacations with Billionaire, Jowizaa in Morocco

Mercy Eke’s admirers aren’t going to let this go unnoticed as they respond to the provocative message.

According to Paul, the reality star is utilising her success, which she did not earn through hard work, to deceive her fans.

In other news,

Nini, a reality TV star, displays hard currency and other precious presents given to her by admirers.

During a live Instagram video after the pile of presents received from her admirers, the reality star, who is sometimes questioned about her connection with a fellow ex-housemate, Saga, danced statically.

Nini’s fans have presented her with a large money cake, a picture, jewels, hundred dollar notes, and other items. This isn’t the first time the reality star has received presents.


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