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Mixed reactions as Toyin Abraham premieres “Prophetess” on Netflix [Video]

The fact that PROPHETESS, one of award-winning Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi’s most recent films, debuted on Netflix and is being discussed in Nigeria is no longer breaking news.

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Mixed reviews followed the film, and the actress, who had boasted about its accomplishments and virtues, disappointed her followers.

geetaycathybeks: I have watched this movie and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Have to disagree with your opinion on this one. This is a nice movie

yellowsisi__: Lmao. I thought it was just me usual Toyin’s movie . I wasn’t surprised sha.
She definitely needs better script writer
toromade_t: I had to stop watching. Seen better skits

realbenita_: Can’t forget the day I went to the cinema to see this movie was last year lolzzzzz movie never finish we stand up waka deh comot outta annoyance

muna_favourlol… watch as a comedy and it won’t be soooo wors… thank goodness I didn’t go to the cinema to see it. Na the beginning and ending dey funny btw. U will laugh wtf kinda smile … the movie just useless for a cinema movie. African magic urban, we no go too complain. But then again, the actors delivered. Toyin is good but jeez, the storyline. I can’t even rate this movie. Abegiiii

toyin 3

edunsarah: I agree with this one … film wey no suppose pass 20mins Dey make am 2hr+, if u see d way I was forwarding the movie … Rubbish

vee_bubeeWasted my data like what was the storyline I skipped almost everything she should rest honestly..

toyin 2 1

mrollops: Flat script and you are advised to switch your brain off before seeing it. I only commend the energy in this movie which also feeds into their ability to fill up a stadium. Possibly we would get there in Nollywood.

tinukhe_: I agree !!! It’s shitty

omonla28: Yes, Toyin is a good actor. But writing a movie abi what’s the English now, it’s a big NO

daqueens_kitchen: After I watched it, I needed to search for your review and I can truly attest that you hate Toyin for the best reason known to you. This movie is far better than most of the movie you recommended and I just thought if it were to be another Actor that acted as the Prophetess, you’d probably give it a good recommendation. Truly there are some of Toyin’s movie that didn’t do well for me too but your review on this particular movie is wrong. It was enjoyable, funny, emotional and the football scene was so real. You missed out this one

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