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Moment after the chrisland school Video leaked online, another video of school students taking turns to smoke weed in school sparks outrage online (Watch video)

Some South African high school students sparked social media uproar after being caught on camera consuming marijuana, sometimes known as weed.

Screenshot 20220422 174837 Twitter

The adolescents take turns smoking marijuana inside the school grounds in a video that has gone viral on social media.

The ill and unbelievable act was committed by a group of both boys and girls, with no teacher or school administrator present to bring them to order.

students weed

Some other students were seen staring in utter shock and expressed surprise and dismay at how carelessly they were using cannabis.

Online Reactions

Tonsi wrote: Well as long as it’s not in schools such as Hilton College or St Stithians, leaves more opportunity for them.

Sasha Fierce wrote: Omg I wonder which school is this no teacher in sight ?

Gwen wrote: The only difference is that with this generation its recorded. Kids have been smoking in school even in 1976 bathong

@fabulusyoma responded; Your response is negative. I think you should stop using smartphone, because you’re using it to encourage bad behaviour. Children are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol

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