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Moment Biggie Issued Mr Ikoyi and Mrs Ikoyi A Strike After Causing Chaos In The House…Rachel Receives Warning [See Video]

Sheggz and Bella, housemates of Big Brother Naija season 7 who engaged in disobedience and provocation, respectively, have received one strike each.

The announcement was made by Big Brother when he gathered the housemates in the lounge on Sunday night, just before the live eviction show.

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Sheggz was criticized by Big Brother throughout the decision-making process for refusing to participate in the punishment meted out to him (Sheggz).

Sheggz was designated the tail of the house earlier in the week and instructed to assist any housemate who requested it, but he didn’t follow through on this.

Because of this, Big Brother determined that Sheggz had disobeyed and ignored his (Biggie’s) commands.

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When Bella approached Rachel about their disagreement over food, which ultimately resulted in food being wasted, she was accused of provocation.

Bella was thus given a strike by Big Brother, while Rachel was warned for losing her cool in response to Bella’s conduct.

When Rachel was serving the housemates dinner on Wednesday night, Bella ordered beef and that’s when trouble began.

Despite telling her that the beef was not reserved for Bella, Rachel eventually offered it to her.

Because of Rachel’s actions, Sheggz became upset and called her stupid; this annoyed Rachel, who also claimed that Sheggz’s generation was stupid.

Bella threw the food in Rachel’s face during the argument, spilling it all over the table.

Bella and Sheggz were reminded that if they received too many strikes each, they would be eliminated from the competition after Biggie showed the incident’s video for the housemates on Sunday night.