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Moment Groovy Shuns Chomzy As She Offers To Cook For Him Following His Quarrel With Phyna (Video)

Groovy, a Big Brother Naija level up housemate, appears to have moved past his romance on Chomzy because he now refers to her as a gossip.

Following their argument, Groovy was observed doing things by himself, including planning meals—something that Phyna typically did.

Groovy was saw Wednesday afternoon in the kitchen attempting to obtain something to eat.

When Chomzy saw him, he approached him and offered to help, but he declined.

Groovy responded that Phyna enjoys gossiping when she was asked if he had a fallout with her. She suspected there might be a problem between Groovy and Phyna given his presence in the kitchen.

She justified herself by claiming it wasn’t a rumor.
She can only claim it isn’t gossip if she isn’t talking about it with anyone else, Groovy interrupted.

Then Groovy changed the subject, making her the one in the spotlight.

He referred to Eloswag when he questioned her about her partner.

Check out the dialogue below.

Chomzy: So you cannot cook, let me help you.

Groovy: No don’t worry.

Chomzy: You and your girlfriend are quarrelling again?

Groovy: You like gossip.

Chomzy: It’s not gossip.

Groovy: If you are not discussing it with anyone then it’s not gossip. How far you and your boyfriend?