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Moment Housemates Tried To Seperate Chichi and Rachel From Fighting

After their most recent disagreement over the Showmax ticket, which saw Chichi receive the benefits of movie night, Chichi and Rachel’s arguments developed into a glaring chasm that is now impossible to ignore by their Housemates or the spectators.

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Bella and Rachel discovered that their names weren’t on the list of Housemates who could go to the Showmax movie night, which Chichi, Eloswag, Groovy, Phyna, and Sheggz attended. When the Housemates went shopping, Rachel was adamant that she had also purchased a ticket with her Pocket Naira. She even begged Hermes, the Head of House at the time, to speak up for her before Biggie, but Big Brother refused.

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The friendly exchanges they had had with Phyna in the mix gave them the nickname “the Edo queens,” but the passionate debate that followed was a far cry from those. Since Rachel confronted Chichi about how she received the attention during the Showmax movie night instead of her, the situation must have been weighing heavily on Rachel. Chichi and Rachel quickly got into a fight about the matter with Rachel accusing her of lying.

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The accusations were returned to Rachel by Chichi, who would not take them lying down. As soon as the argument died down, Chichi went in search of Hermes, whose name had been mentioned. She recalled the conflict that had taken place and said that it had nothing to do with the Showmax ticket. Chichi recalled a dispute she previously had with Rachel following Giddyfia’s eviction during which Rachel claimed the latter’s leftover eggs as her own.