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Moments BBN Queen was welcomed with Homecoming Party in Akwa Ibom [VIDEO]

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Reality TV star Queen Mercy Atang was warmly embraced at her homecoming reception in Akwa Ibom.

With music and yells, many fans greeted the reality star, who arrived with fellow reality stars Nini, Michael, Saga, and others.

Despite the reality star and her entourage arriving late, the supporters greeted Queen and her entourage with enthusiasm, throwing a colourful celebration with beverages and traditional music.

Peter and Paul Okoye (P-square) Treats Fans with Duo Performance at Their 40th Birthday Party

Peter and Paul Okoye, the reunited twins of the disbanded duo P-square, delighted fans like never before when they performed their songs together at their 40th birthday celebration.

Hours before their 40th birthday, the musicians who had reconciled their differences after years apart recovered their business name, P-Square.
Peter and Paul Okoye get to sing their songs that previously rocked the country together in the footage circulating on social media.


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