Mompha and I never dated – Bobrisky opens up as he apologizes for their social media fight last year

Bobrisky, a crossdresser, has apologized publicly to prominent Nigerian businessman Mompha.
Bobrisky’s apologies destroyed the widely circulated myth that they were in a love relationship.

Bobrisky and Mompha, who were once close friends, had a social media spat late last year after Bobrisky’s former personal assistant Oye Kyme insinuated that they were lovers. Mompha became enraged when Bobrisky did not immediately come out to refute the claim. They also had a fight in December, during which Bobrisky appeared to have revealed more than the truth regarding Mompha.

Mompha then went to court, filing a lawsuit and demanding an apology from his erstwhile friend, Bobrisky.


Bobrisky has now publicly apologized to him. In it, Bobrisky stated that he wishes to begin 2022 in peace and apologized to Mompha, who had been kind to him.

The crossdresser said in the video he shared:

”Mompha is a great guy. He is an awesome guy. He is a perfect gentleman that I really respect so much. I can’t really remember how myself and Mompha started but one thing I can remember is he is a great guy. Mompha has never judged me before. He is like a brother to me. He has been there. Even before I became so famous. Mompha has been there.

It’s so wrong of me. I disrespected him and that is why I am doing this video to tell him I am sorry. A lot of people don’t want to see me happy.

Mompha is a great guy. Me and Mompha we never, ever dated. Mompha is my brother.

Like I said, I messed up and that is why I am doing this video, to apologise to him that I am deeply sorry. I want him to forgive me. He can still go ahead with the suing. He can still sue me but I feel like it is 2022, I don’t want to have issues with anybody.”

See the video below ;

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