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Everything You Need To Know About Mummy G. O. List of Hell Candidates

Controversial Lagos Preacher, Mummy GO’s Church Forbids Miniskirts, Jeans, Beads, Others For Members

Funmilayo Adebayo, the founder of the Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God, is also known as Mummy GO (General Overseer), and her “hellfire” frightening statements have been linked to several memes on social media.

According to Punch, everyone or member of the controversial lady evangelist’s church is required to adopt or adhere to a variety of lifestyles.

Anyone planning to attend the services at RAPEC headquarters, Iyana Ipaja, or any of the other branches must follow the severe rules set forth.

Mummy GO’s church has a list of prohibited appearances;

1) Those who wear jeans

2) Girls who use belt

3) Couple who are not committed strictly to the missionary position in the bedroom

4) Men who barber moromoro style

5) Men who wear tops with side slits

6) Those who dance break-dance

7) Tonto Dikeh and all her fans

8 Rihanna and all her fans

9) Women who braid or weave their hair

10) Women who wear wigs

11) Those who speak with an accent (e.g Oral English)

12) Women who wear trousers

13) Women who wear jewelry

14) All footballers and their fans

15) All comedians

16) All cartoonists

17) Those who watch Disney channel

18) Lady Gaga and her fans

19) Graphic artists and textile designers who use the Star symbol in their designs and the people who wear them

20) Those who use iPhone

21) Those who put zips in their dresses

22) Olamide and his fans

23) Women who use makeup

24) All fornicators

25) Those with Tattoos

26) All those on Facebook

27) Anyone that uses anything that glitters

28) Those who use perfume. You will smell nice in HeIl

29) Tiwa Savage and her fans

30) Those who wear color black

31) Those who wear Versace’s Medusa head

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Mummy G. O. List of Hell Candidates

The church forbids wearing eyelashes or wearing miniskirts. At the church’s door, a big banner said, “Do not enter the House of God with the following:


Beads are not permitted in Mummy GO’s church, whether male or female, royalty or fashionable. In the church, as well, you are not permitted to dress up as royalty.


Before you go, you’ll have to return that broken neck, head, or leg jewelry. The ushers are on the lookout for you and will grab your belongings for the duration of the service.

Miniskirts and short skirts

Your desire to look dashing may be thwarted by the fact that the church forbids you from donning lovely trimmings and embellishments.

Curly hair, dreads and hair extensions

If your hair is an important part of your identity, such as curly hair, dreadlocks, or hair extensions, you may want to consider attending other churches. Curly hair, dreadlocks, and hair extensions are not permitted at Mummy GO’s church. To enter the house of God at RAPEC, your hair would have to be completely covered.

Dreadlocks and fashionable haircuts for men

Men’s hair should not be fashionable in any way. Dreadlocks and frizzy hair are not permitted. Your hair must be styled in a low bun with no unusual cuts.

RAPEC requires that you bring your real face and eyelashes. Like in the old days, you must be prim and correct.

All dabs, brushes, and powders shall be barred.


The church disapproves of all types of jeans, whether they are slashed, tight-fitting, or loose. “Jeans will lead you to hellfire,” according to an online meme.


You won’t be permitted inside Mummy GO’s church if you have any dabs, brushes, or powders on your face.


Painted nails are a reflection of immorality, according to Mummy GO. Painted nails were defined as diabolical in a religious leaflet made available to a PUNCH correspondent, and it was related to Jezebel in the Bible.

If you have tattoos, you are not permitted to enter RAPEC’s temple of God. If they aren’t forthcoming, you can start to cringe when the lecture lands on the spot where the tattoo is.

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