My Father In Law Called Me Back To Collect My Bride Price, What Should I do? Nigerian Man Laments

A man whose name was not revealed has requested for opinions from the public after he sent his wife packing while she was six months pregnant.

According to the man, they had a little misunderstanding which led to evacuating his wife from his house.

Although he never mmentioned beating her or inflicting pain on the lady but he claimed to have sent her packing and her father never reacted towards his actions but rather the baby was dedicated in church after the lady birthed.

In his words, he promise to retaliate by suing the family of his wife to court for abduction.

Hello everyone, kindly give me your candid advice on how best to handle my situation.

I had a little misunderstanding with my wife when she was about six months pregnant, I got angry and told her to park her things and leave my house, she went to her parent’s house and had the baby.

Could you believe that these people dedicated my child in church without my consent, the father did not even bother to ask me why i sent his daughter home, he just accepted her and didn’t bother to reach out.

Just recently, they called me to come and collect my bride price. I want to take them to court for abduction.

What do you think?

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