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“My life depends on that money” – Man calls out singer, Teni over N100k promise (video)


Teni, a prominent artist in Nigeria, has been singled out by a young Nigerian guy on social media for a purported N100,000 promise.
Teni promised him a sum of one hundred thousand Naira (N100,000) when performing on stage in Ibadan in September 2021, according to the guy, but has yet to deliver on the pledge.

Teni had requested that he meet her manager backstage for the $1,000 present, according to him. However, when he saw the manager, he was forced to write down his account number and was also instructed to copy the manager’s phone number and transmit it to Teni’s Instagram page so that the money could be delivered to his account.

The next day, the fan said he contacted the manager’s number, but he was told the singer was busy and that she would call him back when she was less busy.
He revealed that when he was contacted the next day, he was given the same reason and that after that, the manager refused to pick up his calls or respond to his messages, despite the fact that he had sent multiple messages stressing that his family relied on the money.

To substantiate his accusations, he posted a video of the musician promising him money on stage.

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