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“My pride was hurt” – Isilomo speaks on being first to be evicted from BBNaija 2019

Isilomo Braimoh, a reality TV personality, has spoken up about how her pride and ego badly affected her when she was ousted from BBNaija 2019.

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Isilomo expressed her disappointment on Instagram, saying she was confident she would have been among the Top 4 housemates if she hadn’t been the first to be evicted, and her pride had been injured.

She went on to say that her ego prevented her from leaving Lagos at the time, despite the fact that she knew things were going badly for her and that she was dying on the inside.

Isilomo, who later migrated to Abuja in search of a better life, believes that ego complicates matters and advises people not to put too much pressure on themselves.

Her words, “Throw back but make it story time 👇🏽. I remember these or this period to be a time when I took the most beautiful photos of my life , the good old days of being a pseudo celebrity (😂😂). The truth ? I was dieing, why ? EGO dears . I was so sure that if they didn’t take me out I would have been in the top 4 (who told me that 🤣) , my pride was hurt because I also had to be the first to leave . EGO because isi could afford 12k manicure and still have money for a decent and may be even a Lux meal on the same day and won’t feel it , the same isi was now doing 1 kobo 2 kobo …for like six months (OMO 🤣) EGO made me stay in Lagos when I knew it was not working for me, I could have been in Abuja and accessed all my blessings much sooner . EGO is the thing that complicates most of our lives , it’s a pressure you put on yourself , it doesn’t allow you live in the moment , it won’t allow you be present and that’s where you miss it. I learned (the hard way ) just how much of my ego was me and how so much of my confidence was attached to it . Needless to say I’m still a very very very proud person but now I have no EGO and my life is so much better for it.”

Isilomo speaks

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