My wife and her brother are having s*x with each other in our matrimonial home, Nigerian man reveals

A Twitter user, @OG_Stephenn has opened up on the emotional crisis he is facing after he caught his wife and her brother having themselves together in his matrimonial home.

He further said his family had encouraged him to forgive his wife but it is very difficult as he wants it to come from his heart. “I never imagined a married woman committing incest in her matrimonial home,” he said.

The young man who said the wife is a minister of God in the church admitted it is difficult for him to look into his wife’s face after he caught both in the act.

See tweets:

The awkward story has garnered mixed reactions online after he made the post.


Mehn!!!!! This is hard, just let her go and your family shouldn’t interfere in whatever decisions you make you’re the one dealing with the trauma not them. That woman is a disgrace to womanhood and everything related to Godliness


Sango go strike any family member that wants you to forgive her. Your brother sef thunder go strike am down for the rubbish.


Na God go punish your family for asking you to forgive her, God go punish your brother too and God go punish your wife, may God also punish Desmond Eliot too cos this is all his fault.


Her own side ?
That sleeping with her brother has a reason or explanation???
Common on…..

Well this shit is really disturbing and heartbreaking

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