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“Na girlfriend wey go use her friend test my loyalty I dey find”, Nigerian Player Victor Oshimen reveals in a new post

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Nigerian and Napoli forward Victor Oshimen has joined a trend online where netizens make jest about engaging in an odd event or making a subtle move towards life issues.

Victor Oshimen who had helped his side win numerous games in the Italian Serie A League had joined the wave, saying “Na girlfriend wey go use her friend test my loyalty I dey find”.

The statement sparked controversy among users who cautioned him that such is not fit for someone of his status.

A fan said;

Victor you don’t need all these stuff on social media. Many of my Italian friends and Italian media are not happy about your posts.

“I’d advise you to get someone to handle your account like other professional footballers. Rashford and Mbappe are cautious of the tweets.

However, Oshimen replied with a hit, saying;

“Advise well take bro thanks, but the problem is, I no dey hear word and I get coconut head… tomorrow more memes to come.”


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