Netflix Refutes Claims Of “Money Heist Season 5” Release

Money Heist has been regarded as one of the most viewed non-English Tv series on Netflix with over a 65million views currently.

The directors of the show and Netflix confirmed their intention of releasing the 5th season which would also be the last season of the Tv series.

But fans have been anticipating the exact date of release while this is causing stir and flames of rumour roaming the net.

Also, some media tech and blog sites have also published false information regarding the date of release of Money Heist season 5 which must have misled many into believing what is not.

However, Netflix has refuted claims that Money heist season 5 has been or would be released on a particular date.

Also for those who have been tricked and joked by their Twitter page, should see this:

According to the Telegraph, Money Heist Season 4 which was vented on the 3rd of April, 2020, meant that season 5 should have commenced in the middle of 2020, which further meant that the show would have aired by April 2021.

But as a result of the pandemic that struck the world, the production was wholly paused, which in turn resulted to the delay of the final season debut.

This was a huge blow and heart-wrenching climate among diehard fans of the show.

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