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Nigerian Cross dresser posing as a prostitute arrested after going home with a man in Benue

A crossdresser has been arrested in Benue state’s Gboko community.


According to reports, the young man known only as Terdue dressed up as a lady and pretended to be a hooker in a nearby club.

Terdue was picked up by a man at a bar, according to a Facebook user who shared the story on the platform. Unbeknownst to the customer, the escort he was assigned was actually a man dressed as a woman.

Terdue was revealed to be a crossdresser while they were going to copulate, according to Facebook user Yaro Shimavia Benson.

The man apparently raised an alert, resulting in the crossdresser’s arrest.

“The man in the picture name Terdue from konshisha local government area was caught disguised as a lady in a local night club (Osaze baka) in Gboko Benue state.

A young man name withheld took him home for a night for an undisclosed amount for they both fell in love. The young man narrated how they were both engaged in foreplay kissing romancing and as the disguised lady was so much involved in the foreplay didn’t want a quick sex which prompt the guy to be suspicious and demanded sex according to him he (man in disguised) pulled down his trousers halfway, the guy been too suspicious brought out light which the guy didn’t want his private part to be seen tries to cover up which both of them fought over it.

While the guy was demanding for sex the disguised man was offering him doggy style which didn’t go well with the guy which prompted him to involved her (the disguised man) in a little physicality which pave way for him to unveil the real him.

On noticed that she was a man the guy raised alarm which the said man took to his hills but unfortunately for him he was caught and brought up to the notice of the youth.” Yaro’s post read.


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