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Nigerian Lady causing stir online with shocking make up transformation


A Nigerian lady is causing a buzz on social media after she was seen in a video transformed with a cosmetic makeover.

In the video that went viral, the before and was after was bewildering so much that one would never have noticed what she looked like before the make-up transformation.

Netizens react

The lady recently had a face makeover at a cosmetic studio, and the metamorphosis has left netizens baffled as to whether or not the individual in the before and after clips is the same person.

Netizens react

See video;

The woman seemed older with an uneven complexion at the start of the film, but after the makeup, she was completely changed into a lot younger woman with an even skin tone.

The lady has gotten netizens talking online as they attest to the transformation power of makeup.

See reactions below,

__sophyn__ wrote, “She looked young and old at the same time “

yvonne111_ wrote, “I doubt she is the same lady”

aekinsentertainer wrote, “Haaaaa nah 2:30am you go realise say nah bad market “

dontfollow_me_dawg wrote, “I can’t tell her age, omo she went from 50-40 to 24”

snrbanks_ wrote, “Abi my eyes Dey pain me ni?”

lee254m wrote, “Is not the same person”


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