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Nigerians react after lady dumps real estate developer for a yahoo boy who later k!lled her for rituals

Nigerian real estate developer says lady who refused to date him because ‘he can’t handle her bills’ was later killed by her boyfriend for ritual

Atoyebi Taofiq Olajide, an Abuja-based real estate entrepreneur, has described how a lovely lady he used to know was purportedly killed by her partner last week for ritual grounds.

Olajide claims he liked the lady, but she told him after a date that she was not interested in him since he couldn’t pay her bills.

According to him, the lady also stated that she only dates Yahoo boys.

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“This beautiful lady. Tall, Lanky and caramel skinned was introduced to me mid last year by one of my friends. I loved what I saw and I wanted to know more about her,” wrote on Sunday, January 9, 2022.

We went on a date and it was so fun filled. We visited 3 different places that day. From Magic Land to Shoprite, we were doing like love birds. We ate different stuffs, things I have never tasted in my life.

During our conversation, she asked what’s my view on Yahoo guys, I told her they are criminals.

Later that night, she told me we can’t work because I can’t handle her bills. She said she only date yahoo boys. I thought she was joking until she blocked me.

The gist is, her friend told me she was killed last week by her boyfriend and her breast was removed.

I don’t even know how I am feeling right now.

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Warmate Emmanuel: If you re sad about this then you’re in support of using other people’s children for rituals to sponsor her but you are not happy that she also has been used for rituals to sponsor other people’s children…….make una fear God

Stella Adoga: How will you know that someone is a yahoo person and still want to date the person. Nawa oo girls dey surprise me all the time

David Godwin: Them use other people fund her, now na her turn to fund other people too. On a more serious note however, I think the point we are right now is a dangerous one


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