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Nollywood Actor Yinka Quadri Treats His Wife To A Surprise Birthday Party (Photos)

Actor Yinka Quadri from Nollywood surprised his wife with a gift for her birthday.

Today, July 7, Alhaja Sadiat Adenike Quadri, the actress’s wife, turns a new age.

The Yorubac thespian and his kids threw a family birthday party for her in honor of her special day.

Yinka Quadri was showered with prayers after posting pictures from her big day on Instagram.

Yinka Quadri showed his love and admiration for her. She was his “angel from above,” as he put it.

“Happy birthday to the woman who gave me everything! Our children our beautiful home, our happiness and our life. You mean more to me than it’s possible to describe in words. My birthday message to you this year, my dear wife is simple and sent with love, just to say how much I adore you, my angel from above…. I have only the most heartfelt wishes reserved for you today as we celebrate another beautiful birthday of yours and another fabulous year together wutg you by my side as my wife. Alhaja Sadiat Adenike Quadri, may this year and beyond be filled with only the greatest things for you my love…”.

Alhaji Yinka Quadri, a seasoned performer, explained why he had only wed once.

Alhaja Sadiat Quadri, who prefers to live a straightforward life, and he are happily married. She has a strong sense of privacy.

Not to mention his children, very few people are familiar with his wife. He had been successful in preserving his old-fashioned marriage. In addition, because he was a successful theatrical actor and a Muslim, women were constantly around him, leading many to believe he had multiple wives.

He gave an explanation of why, despite his religion’s prohibition on many marriages and in light of his notoriety in the Yoruba film business, he chose to remain faithful to just one wife.

“I am with one wife; we have been together since 1985. But before we got married, I already had a child from someone else. I had a normal wedding ceremony with the woman, but along the line, we discovered we were not compatible. We would stay together in a week, that makes 7 days, we would fight for 5 days and just be friends for 2 days, so we were not compatible and we did that for 5 to 6 years, so our parents decided it was better we went our separate ways. And after she left, I met my wife, Nike in 1985 and we started having kids in 1989 and she is the only woman in my house.” Yinka Quadri once revealed in an interview.

Yinka Quadri's wife's birthday
Yinka Quadri's wife's birthday
Yinka Quadri's wife's birthday
Yinka Quadri's wife's birthday
Yinka Quadri's wife's birthday

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