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“Normalize being friends with your man’s ex-gf or wife” – Actress, Princess Shyngle advises women

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Princess Shyngle, a popular Gambian actress, has recommended women to stay close to their partner’s ex-partners rather than viewing them as competitors.

According to the curvy actress, who had her marriage fall apart after only three months together, there is much to learn from a partner’s ex, and she recently shared this with her fellow females in an Instagram post.

“Ladies it’s time to normalize being friends with your man’s ex gf or wife
It’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make.
Ask me why?”


She continued;

“because not all exes are drama queens or want him back, being friends with her will assure you that he won’t run back to her or get back with her when y’all are fighting and plus you’ll know a lot more about your man from an ex lol.”


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