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Nursing mother cries out after allegedly discovering a methylated spirit in a vitamins syrup she bought for her baby in Imo State (video)


After reportedly discovering a methylated spirit in a vitamins syrup she purchased for her baby, a breastfeeding mother took to social media to vent her frustrations.

According to the mother, who goes by the Facebook handle Emperial Crystal Black, she went to a pharmacy in Imo state to get the medicine for her little daughter. However, when she received the medicine and was going to give it to her kid, she decided to give it a try and discovered that it was a ‘fake.’

She pointed out that the claimed vitamin included methylated syrup, which may have been detrimental to her infant if she had given it to her without thinking.

She advised moms to be cautious when purchasing medications and to double-check the label before giving their children the medication.

“What would i have done!!!!!!!!!!! What explain would i have given, wey them go believe me. In this my lonely 💔😔 environment 🤦🏽‍♀️.Wetin i for talk…. Say me a prayer 🙏. My innocent child would have been a died 💔 child if not that Chukwuokike 🧎🏾‍ at the right time.

“I saw spirit inside sealed supposed Cytramin. Let’s assume I didn’t open… before I give my child medicines I usually taste it first. lets assume I didn’t perceive the smell of this spirit. That’s how I would have given my daughter a supposed cytramin. Mothers please for every medicine you’re buying please be careful”. She said in part.”


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