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Fear Grips The Air As Burna Boy Lands In Ghana For The Much Anticipated Fight With Shatta Wale

Burna Boy, a Grammy-winning singer, has landed in Ghana following an internet feud with Shatta Wale, a Ghanaian musician

Remember that the artist had challenged the top Ghanaian musician to a physical battle anywhere he wanted

Wizlafinito (Falaa King), Shatta’s ex-best pal, welcomed Burna and challenged anyone to make a move against the Questions crooner

The much-anticipated Tuesday, January 4th, has arrived, and as previously announced, Burna Boy has made good on his promise to visit Ghana.
Wizlafinito, the ex-best buddy of Ghanaian artist Shatta Wale, posted a photo of Burna Boy standing outside a private plane as he welcomed the Grammy winner to the country.
He went on to say that he was against xenophobia and challenged anyone who attempted to physically attack the musician to do so.

“Odogwu welcome back to Ghana @burnaboygram , now let any pig try to touch you and see him moda Falaaa. We will not tolerate any xenophobic attacks in the motherland. Ghana is Nigeria and Nigeria is Ghana #WeMove❤️✌”

How The Beef Started

Recall After the Ghanaian singer insulted all Nigerian musicians, Burna and Shatta had exchanged insults, accusations, and counter-accusations.
Burna challenged Shatta Wale to a physical battle at any location of his choice after the back and forth between the two artists became so ugly.
Shatta Wale’s accusation that he is pursuing a separatist agenda amongst African countries is a disservice to him and goes against all he stands for, according to the Questions musician.
In a recent development, the Grammy-winning Nigerian musician apologized to his followers for ‘rolling with a pig’ on social media.

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