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Parents drag son to court for failing to give them grandchildren, demand N270 million compensation

Sanjeev and Sadhana Prasad have sued their son for $650,000 (about N270,075,000) for failing to provide them with grandchildren.

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AFP revealed that the claimed Parents said they have spent all of their funds raising and teaching their pilot son, as well as paying for a luxurious wedding, but have received no compensation or payback.

“My son has been married for six years but they are still not planning a baby. At least if we have a grandchild to spend time with, our pain will become bearable,” the Indian couple said in their petition filed with a court in Haridwar last week.

According to the Times of India, the compensation they are seeking – 50 million rupees — includes the expense of a five-star wedding event, a $80,000 luxury car, and paying for the couple’s honeymoon abroad.

The parents also paid $65,000 to have their son trained as a pilot in the United States, only to have him return to India jobless, according to the newspaper.

“We also had to take a loan to build our house and now we are going through a lot of financial hardships. Mentally too we are quite disturbed because we are living alone,” the couple said in their petition.

The petition will be heard by a court in northern India on May 17, according to the couple’s lawyer, Arvind Kumar.

Many generations, including grandparents, nephews, aunts, and uncles, live in India’s robust joint family system.

In recent years, however, the tendency has shifted, with young couples preferring to relocate away from their parents or siblings, and ladies preferring to work rather than focus on having children and staying at home, as in this example.

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