Patoranking And His Baby Mama, Amaka Reportedly Welcomes Their Second Daughter

Patoranking and his baby mother Amaka purportedly welcomed their second daughter Welda last year, and we are pleased for them to be one of the few celebs that are free of trouble.

Patoranking and Amaka have been there for each other for the past 7 years since the birth of their first daughter Wilmer, and now they have been blessed with another daughter Welda, demonstrating how much they love each other.

According to the post, they received their second daughter last year but were able to keep it off social media until they were ready to share the news with their followers for the remainder of the year, just like they did with Wilmer.

Patoranking is one of the Nigerian artists who are social media drama-free and baby mama drama free and now that he has welcomed a second child with Amaka his baby mama.

The post by the blogger reads

We all know they had a beautiful daughter, Wilmer some years back.

Guess what? About 14 months ago, the Lord blessed them with another beautiful daughter called Welda.

For the past 7 years, it’s only been beautiful Amaka who has been the proud owner of Patranking’s love life.

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