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Photo News: An anonymous woman is trending on the internet after she shared a gripping tale of how she came up with the weirdest remedy for solving her bareness.

An Anonymous Nigerian lady has sparked controversy online after she made shocking revelations of how she slept with a dead body in the name of looking for a child.

After years of living without fruition, the lady narrated her ordeal after visiting a native doctor for help, and a herbalist told her she needed to sleep with a dead man in a morgue for six months to be cleansed of the negative spirits responsible for her infertility.

She consented and liaise with a mortuary assistant to sleep with a dead male body continuously for six months inside the mortuary room.

According to her, nothing happened after the allotted time. There was no pregnancy, and her infertility was still a problem. She claimed that making this decision was the worst one she had ever made and that sleeping with a dead body was a traumatic experience.

She went on to say that after this encounter, she was introduced to a herbalist who prescribed herbal concoctions for her to ingest for four months to conceive.

She became pregnant after four months and gave birth to two children. She thanked the herbalist for assisting her in becoming pregnant.

Sharing her story, the Nigerian identified simply as Adeabo narrated thus;

“I visited a sorcerer who told me I was under a generational curse and could only conceive if I slept with a dead man. After I thought about it for some time, I decided to try. I went to Ahero where I paid a mortuary attendant who arranged everything for me.”

“I did as I was instructed by the sorcerer. Honestly, it was the worst experience of my life. I wouldn’t t want any person to experience such. I gave up everything at the mercy of God.”

“One of my neighbours advised me to try a herbalist who has helped thousands of needy people. He gave me his contact. But with the previous nightmare, I went through, I was reluctant to take any step.

I was not ready to go through any terrifying encounter again. But I told myself, let me try it for the last time. I call the herbalist and he arranged the meeting. He put me on herbal medicine for four months. We are the happiest couple on earth now. We have our own children. I just don’t know how I can pay this herbalist… she said”

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