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Phyna has been named the closest winner as Adekunle, Allysyn, Bella, Dotun, Hermes and Sheggz battle to stay to the finals

Big Brother Level Up Season is coming to a close, and the race is on. Six of the 11 Housemates who were still in contention to win the N100m grand prize were eliminated at the season’s last nominations; Hermes, Adekunle, Bella, Dotun, Chichi, Sheggz, and Rider Rachel were all called to stand before Big Brother took a “unauthorised” break.

The standing Housemates, all of whom had previously been Level 1 Housemates, had anxiety written all over their features as they awaited their fate, unsure of what Big Brother may be planning next.

It ended out that Biggie wished for Head of House Phyna to consider everything and make her choice for the Save and Replace.

Head of House Phyna used her veto power to save Chichi and replace her with Allysyn in order to end the nominations process. Chichi could not believe her good fortune as she sank back into the large red modular sofa, and Allysyn could only giggle tensely at her entrance onto the Eviction roll.

The nominations of Riders Chizzy and Rachel do not count because they are only playing for fun and not for the money, as was previously stated. The recently evicted housemates turned Biggie’s guests of Level 3 Chomzy, Doyin, and Eloswag were also called to the diary room to nominate, which added another twist to today’s nominations.

They were only doing that to maintain the illusion that they were still playing, even though they were already out of the running for the Grand Prize.

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Bella received six nominations, followed by Sheggz, Adekunle, and Hermes with five apiece, Chichi and Dotun with two, Allysyn, Bryann, and Daniella with one. Although Rider Rachel received five nominations as well, she is still exempt from eviction because of her position as a Rider.

Sheggz, Bella, and Adekunle were sacrificed by HoH Phyna so that Big Brother could once more praise her on winning the much desired position of Head of House.

However, Phyna winning the HOH has triggered Ebuka to conclude she has won the show.

Phyna has been the strongest housemate from day 1 and she’s been keeping up with the vibe.