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Rachel’s ordeal as the Tail of the House and also excluded from the Showmax movie date

Yesterday night’s Head of House Challenge marked the conclusion of Sheggz’s call to service. He was able to take off his mask and compete in the games thanks to Biggie. After two games, Phyna won the title of Head of House, and Rachel replaced Sheggz as the new Tail of House.

Being unable to remove all eleven bottles from the table during the first round made Rachel the least effective Housemate in the competition. She will receive her punishment later this week, according to Big Brother.

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Tail of House punishment made or exclusion from the movie date made Rachel cry | Big Brother Naija Via DSTV

Tail of the House Rachel was finally handed down a sentence from Biggie. She was given instructions to read a brief that Head of House Phyna got in the evening. The brief states that Rachel must always wear a garbage bag, with the exception of sponsored Tasks, parties, and the Live Show. She will always pick up trash around the house. Phyna read a second brief, which turned out to be the Showmax movie brief, after reading her sentence aloud.

The brief listed Chichi, Phyna, Groovy, Eloswag, and Sheggz as Housemates who paid for movie dates. She claimed to have paid for a movie date as well, so Rachel was astonished by the list. She sobbed for a while when she realized there wouldn’t be a review, and Adekunle and Bryann consoled her in the garden and on her bed, respectively.

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Today, Rachel set about preparing lunch while wearing her garbage bag-based Head of House costume|Big Brother naija via DSTV

Rachel had been the Tail of the House for two days, and it appeared that she had grown accustomed to the duty because she was no longer concerned that the heat from the stove would cause her outfi to burn.