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Ray J now claims that the sêx tape that brought Kim into limelight several years back was deliberately planned, made and leaked

Whew! Ray J, who wanted to reveal everything about Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and the never-ending sex tape issue, turned what began as a typical Saturday night into complete turmoil.

Ray J made good on his promises and revealed a number of bombshells after first warning his fans that he would be supplying receipts to demonstrate that Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian were the brains behind planning their sex tape!


‘Ray J’, Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, claims that Kim Kardashian’s mother, ‘Kris Jenner,’ forced him and her daughter, ‘Kim Kardashian,’ to record three sex tapes so that she could select the finest one to make public. This allegation comes after 20 years of dating.

In order to ensure that Kim Kardashian looked her best in the video, or as Ray J put it, “to give her daughter a better look,”

Kris Jenner allegedly forced him and Kim Kardashian to reshoot their sex tape. Ray J’s revelation set the tone for just how in-depth he was about to get with receipts. He would leak tea for hours to come, but that was just the beginning.

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She watched and said ‘We’re gonna go with the first one cause it’s better, it gives my daughter a better look.’” Ray J said.

According to theshaderoom, he attempted to share his Instagram DMs with Kim, but it looked that she blocked him in the process. As a result, he was unable to message her or access her profile.