Reactions In Gboko Benue State As Mad Man Chattered A Car, Says His Days Of Madness Are Over And Needs To Go Home

A facebook user Abughur Winifred has disclosed a shocking incident that occurred in Gboko Benue State yesterday.

According to her a popular man who has been mad for years stopped a car and reveals his days of madness are over and he is ready to go home for shower

The mad man whose name was not disclosed allegedly stays In front of one Shaahu’s house.

He was seen overcrowded by passersby while he chattered a car, packed his belongings and said, his days of being a Madman are over now and he needs to go home to take a shower.

Winifred who seems to be present at the scene said he(mad man) bought 4bags of Cement, a bag of detergent and soap with tiles and also promised to come back in a very big way.

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