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Real story behind Rita Dominic ‘giving birth to twins’ leaks online by her business partner

Mildred Okwo, Rita Dominic’s business partner, has spoken out in response to rumors that the Nollywood diva had given birth to twins.

The news that Rita, who got married earlier this year, was now a mother, was widely shared on social media.

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People began congratulating each other even without receiving confirmation as a result.

Okwo, however, has now refuted the story, asserting that the photo was actually taken on a movie set.

In a chat with newsmen, Okwo said: “You see somebody on set today, and the next day they have twins; I do not understand.

“If Rita has had a child, would I not send a press release to you guys? Common, it does not make sense.

“Can you imagine? She took a picture while on a movie set. She posted a picture; she is on a movie set; maybe I should call her to find out if she has given birth.

“It is bloggers that are peddling fake news. Kindly ignore them. If she has a child, there is no way that I would not make the announcement and I will definitely not talk to bloggers.”