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See screenshots: Leaked chats reveal Kelvin deceived Maria and that he’s been separated from his wife since 2018


Maria, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has made a fresh discovery in the form of WhatsApp talks between Maria and her alleged boyfriend, as well as another communication between her lover and his brother-in-law.
In communication between Maria and her alleged lover from September 12, 2019, the alleged lover admits to lying about his marital status. He went on to say that he lied to her several times to hide his marriage. The individual then apologised to the reality TV star for the “perfidious deed” at the end of his message.

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The other discovered chat, which has a timestamp of 28 May 2018, between the same lover and his brother-in-law, discloses that the lover has been separated from his wife since January of that year.

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A court document has also surfaced online, revealing that the estranged couple known only as Kelvin and Maryanne Onyinyechi are going through the divorce procedure. At September of current year, 2021, the petition was filed in a high court in Aba, Abia state.


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