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“She fine pass Liquorose” – Netizens reacts as Emmanuel Umoh shares video with Mystery lady

A video of Emmanuel Umoh, a BBNaija star, and an unknown lady is currently viral on social media.

Screenshot 20220424 130424 Instagram

The couple can be seen all lovey-dovey in a now-deleted video.

The lady could be heard screaming out to Emmanuel, “Hey bitter leaf soup!”

The reality star, apparently taken aback by the new moniker, walks away with trepidation.

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Netizens have been speculating about who the lady is since the video went viral.

Some speculate that she is Emma’s new lover, while others claim that she is a member of his family, specifically his cousin.

Some have even said that he is just chasing clout

When some sought to draw Liquorose into the controversy, her admirers supported her and asked that they leave her alone because the ex-couple had gone on.

Watch the video and read the comments thereafter.

Screenshot 20220424 130227 Instagram
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