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“She said Sheggz’s mother will die” Doyin Gossips to Bella, Sheggz responds [Video]

As the live eviction nears again today and the Nominated Housemates’ thoughts have been troubled by this week’s evictions, and this has spread to every member of the household.

However, one of the events that caught our attention ahead was that of Doyin to Bella and Sheggz as she revealed what Phyna and Rachel said about them.

Just like Amaka’s saga, Doyin might be treasimg the same path as she leaked all the conversation to the duo as Bella was helping with her hair.

See Conversation

Doyin to Bella — Did you hear what Phyna said the day Rachel and Sheggz were [email protected], she said Sheggz mother will d!!e for nothing.

Chi-Chi also said she will b£àt you and use your h£@d to mop the toilet.

“She said, if not for Biggies rules she would have mopped the floor with your head,” recounted Doyin as she told Bella about the conversation that she had with Chichi and Phyna regarding the altercation that Bella had with Rachel.

When Doyin told Bella about her talk with Chichi and Phyna regarding her confrontation with Rachel, Sheggz said of them, “These guys will just be using you for highlights.”