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Sheggz finally confessed to Hermes how he got into Big Brother Naija through connection (VIDEO)

Sheggz shared his true emotions following Ebuka’s questioning to Bella during yesterday night’s live eviction show in a talk with fellow roommate Hermes, a former football player.

Sheggz claimed that the entire incident made him feel viciously attacked. Additionally, he claimed that it is really unfortunate that the individuals that brought him to the Big Brother Naija reality program haven’t followed up with him yet.

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Sheggz complained to Bella a few weeks ago that he was startled to have to wear such a humiliating garment given that the show’s producers are aware of his identity when he was forced to wear female apparel since he was the tail of the house.

One @odi_cassandra wrote

What is massively attacked?? You break biggie’s rules abi you nor break am? I thought you once said you don’t care about strikes. You call your babe stupid, sick, mad abi you nor call am. Shey you did not know ni that it’s ebuka job to at least warn bella that she is letting a guy abuse her, in the process absolving themselves from any legality that might arise from allowing a housemate emotionally/verbally abuse another, plus sending a message to people that look up to celebrities in this case you nd bella that is isn’t okay to be toxic in a relationship or allow it,Ebuka and the organisers needed to clean your mess, if you can’t see where you f*cked up and make changes, instead of complaining nd apportioning blames, ogah o. You are on your own. Better still exit voluntarily, that’s why there is that option.

Another commenter @beehiver_kollectionz wrote;

What’s happening is a typical example of most relationships on social media. We see dem all loved up and wish God when but we don’t know that the lady is tolerating insults. If this wasn’t on TV,will we know sheggz calls her those names?