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Shocking!!! Ike Onyema Shares a Disturbing Video of Omashola caught in a state of insanity

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Ex-BBnaja contestant Omashola recently shared a post about being lonely and depressed.

The reality star appears to be going through a rough patch, as he exposed his current state by posting a snapshot of a tear-soaked piece of paper on his Instagram page.

Today, Ike Onyema posted a disturbing video of Omashola sitting in the middle of the roadway, untidy.

In the video, Omashola is seen with a garbage bag carrying various belongings alongside him, looking leaner than normal. He seemed to be confused as well.

Although some Instagram users has condemned omashola and responded, telling him he was wrong to post the video without first hearing from Omashola.

Ike expressed his concern over the video and appealed to Omashola to phone him.
IK claimed that he has been attempting to contact Omashola, who was a contestant on Big Brother Naija alongside him, but that he has not returned his calls.

"Should I be worried?" Ike Onyema shares troubling video of Omashola looking unkempt in the middle of a street days after posting about depression

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